How it all got started

What inspires someone to take on the challenge of opening a winery? For some, it starts small. That’s what happened with Ron and Cindy Mittelstedt on one Christmas morning in Weatherford, TX when Cindy bought Ron a beginner wine making kit. The little box full of ingredients, the process, and the wine they made sparked an interest that coincided with thoughts of the future.

Ron was considering where they would be in 5-10 years and pondering the idea of retirement. But being full of energy and vigor, he and Cindy found themselves nowhere near ready to hang up their spurs and kick back. Thinking of the wine they made at home together, her inspirational culinary brilliance—when cooking with wine, pairing wine with meals, or both, and his own love for cultivating gardens and landscapes, Ron began consultations with both local and national vintners. Learning from their variety of experience and knowledge, he soon found that opening a winery was a distinct possibility.

So, he decided it was time to plant a vineyard. Not long after and with thoughts of Cindy in mind, Ron planted an acre of Norton grapes called Cynthiana. And thus, the roots of Sweet Spring Winery began to grow. Over the next four years, more grapes were planted and more plans were set into motion.

Along the way, their daughters Beth and Elease joined them and used their enthusiasm and experience and background in sales and marketing, to help launch the Sweet Springs brand and begin construction on components of the winery itself. And now, the Mittelstedt family is dedicated to making a variety of deliciously tempting wines that they hope you will enjoy with friends or happily pair with your favorite meals for years to come!